Meet The Team

Taylor Mahrer - Owner


Taylor started his career with Nutrishop in February of 2016, but has spent years in customer service, sales and fitness. Having worked for supplement companies and as a personal trainer in years prior, Taylor has come to know the products and how to best achieve the goals set by each client. This will to see each client succeed has carried over into his work at Nutrishop.Taylor is currently a nationally qualified competitive bodybuilder but has spent most of his life is various sports and athletic endeavors. He is very comfortable coaching and assisting others in achieving their personal goals; fitness or otherwise. Taylor's education and much of his work experience is in the audio technology field, but his passion for fitness is the foundation for much of the drive and work ethic he displays. He knows that the dedication and drive necessary for looking and feeling your best is carried well beyond the weight room and it is something he intends to teach his young daughter in the coming years. Taylor has obtained his Personal Training Certification with ACTION and Sports Nutrition Certification with the International Fitness Association.

Shane Hall - Store Manager


Shane started working out at the age of 14 at 145lbs in order to play rugby with his high school team. At the age of 21, he took 1st place in his first APA certified powerlifting meet in the 275lb Novice Division. At the age of 24, at 285lbs, Shane decided to make a change, focus on his health and lose weight. Over the following year, Shane lost 100lbs in order to compete in his first bodybuilding show, resulting in a 1st place, overall win.

Throughout the years, Shane has been involved heavily in the health and fitness industry, working in gyms and sports nutrition stores. Shane strives to use his knowledge and experience to educate others and help them on their path to health and wellness through proper exercise, nutrition and supplementation.

Shane has obtained his Sports Nutrition Certification through International Fitness Association and enjoys empowering others with the tools needed to achieve their personal goals.

Veronika Joly - Promotional Director


 Veronika’s fitness journey began early on in her life. Her mother is a fitness instructor and took her to all of her classes as a child. She was always fascinated by fitness and had an urge to stay active, so she convinced her mother to enroll her in various classes and sports to see what piqued her interest. 

Veronika was a competitive equestrian for 15 years and worked out in the gym throughout to maintain and improve strength, endurance and mental acuity. In July of 2014, Veronika attended her first Fit Expo, which would signify the catalyst to her ever-developing passion for both bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Throughout the years, she has built relationships with many incredible people that have helped to further her knowledge in exercise and nutrition. Veronika will soon earn her AS in Natural Sciences and will be attending Kaiser Permanente’s School of Allied Health Sciences to become a licensed Ultrasound Technician. She is currently a licensed Pharmacy Technician and has spent years in customer service in the fitness and medical professions.

Veronika’s ultimate goal is to positively impact people and provide them with the necessary knowledge to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. She is just getting started with, what is sure to be, a life brimming with successful and rewarding endeavors.