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Introducing Meal Guidance by FitManager

We recognize the importance of a good diet. We acknowledge the idea, that the majority of our progress is dependent on nutrient intake and meal planning, yet this always seems to be a point of contention and difficulty for those trying to transform their bodies and live a healthier life. 

Nutrishop Santa Rosa has taken a step to ease this difficulty and improve the results of each customer. 

Introducing Meal Guidance by FitManager. At just $25/month, meal guidance is a digital meal planning platform that breaks down your diet in an easy to understand, pleasure to manage way. We can now go to greater depths with each client’s diet and develop a meal plan that will tell you what to eat, when to eat it, and even give meal reminders on your phone. 

If you don’t have the budget for a personal coach, but want to achieve optimal results with your plan, this platform is for you. 

Call or come by the store today to get more information or get started. 

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